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Youth Classes

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TSNY makes high-flying feats and acrobatic expression accessible to all, including children and teens!  Flying trapeze, trampoline, aerial arts, and juggling are a great way to get kids up and moving, and to foster their creativity.  Our Youth Programs build the foundation for developing a healthy, fun, and balanced relationship with exercise throughout their lives.  We begin with basics such as warming up before exercise, practicing proper form, and training both strength and flexibility.  Participants will have the opportunity to challenge themselves mentally and physically, and we invite them to step outside their comfort zones in a supportive environment. Participants develop fundamental skills such as trust, teamwork, and confidence as they experiment with creating individual sequences and group routines.

While children and teens are always able to sign up for any all-levels classes offered at our school, we also have specialized programs for participants aged 6-17.


Youth Aerials

Youth aerial classes will include a ground warm-up, followed by learning poses and tricks on various aerial apparatuses (including lyra, silks, and static trapeze). Our coaches will adapt to students’ skill levels and goals, so come as you are! These drop-in sessions are open to students of all levels; no prior experience is required.


Youth Flying Trapeze

Youth-focused flying trapeze take on two different forms - 90 minute classes with two instructors and no catching, and full length classes with three instructors and catching included. Students will begin with a ground warm up before flying. These drop-in sessions are open to students of all levels; no prior experience is required. 

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Our All Day Circus Experiences are single day camps held on common school holidays (Columbus Day, MLK Day, etc.). The ADCE is a way to try a variety of the skills we offer - all in one day!  Participants will have the opportunity to try any combination of flying trapeze, trampoline, aerials, juggling, tumbling, arts and crafts, games, and more.

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