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Flying Trapeze


All Levels Classes

Standard classes: 120 min, max 10 ppl, $100 per person

Express classes: 90 min, max 7 ppl, $100 per person

Our trapeze classes are open to all levels of flyers, from first timers to regular intermediates! Students are coached individually to their level.


Intermediate Classes

Standard classes: 120 min, max 10 ppl, $100 per person

Intermediate classes are open to students 18+ that can work board for themselves and their fellow students. If you are not sure if you qualify for intermediate classes, please check in with a coach at your next class or email us at


Flying Trapeze Series

Looking for more structure? We offer 12-week long series of classes that meet at the same time each week with the same students and team of coaches. Each series culminates in a student showcase to show off your hard work! Keep an eye on our Instagram or sign up for our Newsletter in the footer to receive updates about our next series.

What is Flying Trapeze?

Experience the joy of flying through the air with the greatest of ease!  Our Flying Trapeze classes let students safely experience the exhilaration of this extraordinary circus art, regardless of fitness level or athletic background. First-time students are fitted with a safety belt and begin the session with a brief ground school lead by one of their three instructors.  After learning the basic safety rules, practicing their take-off on the ground, and seeing a demonstration of their first trick – the knee hang, students will climb up the ladder and soon be flying through the air.  Students are connected to safety lines from the time they step onto the first rung of the ladder until they roll out of the net and have both feet back on the ground. Throughout the session instructors will provide coaching on the beginning flying techniques.  The final 30 minutes of each session are devoted to catching – yes, an instructor will hang from another trapeze bar and catch a flyer! If you're still working on finessing your trick, not to worry – students can continue to practice (without attempting a catch) during the catch rounds. ​Flying trapeze sessions are structured so that each participant can enjoy maximum time in the air.  Our standard flying trapeze session runs for two hours with a limit of ten students per session. Express sessions are offered with fewer students and shorter time frame.  Introductory sessions may be offered with greater session size.  Unless noted, sessions are open to all levels, allowing students to progress at their own pace and focus on an appropriate trick. Socks that protect the toes are required, so socks that separate the toes or slip off your feet easily are not permitted.  We recommend wearing snug fitting athletic clothing.  Yoga/running pants, tights, or leggings that cover the back of the knees will protect your skin during the knee hang trick. The safety belt will be worn around your waist, so wear a regular length (vs. crop or cutoff) T-shirt or athletic top. Loose, baggy clothing will get in your way and things like hard hair clips and jewelry cannot be worn while flying. Students are often amazed at what they accomplish in their very first session.  As students return for more sessions and master basic skills, they can learn new and increasingly challenging tricks.  Multi-week sessions known as Intensive Flying Workshops (IFW) are a great way to build flying skills, connect with other flyers, and even have a chance to perform your tricks! All flying trapeze sessions and IFWs follow our Flying Trapeze Curriculum which is designed to teach you to become a safe and competent flyer. Divided into Levels 1 through 6, our Curriculum includes Flying Trapeze, Conditioning and Trampoline skills, which build strength, endurance, aerial awareness, and control.  Students keep track of their progress in the TSNY Logbook, and with each new goal, instructors will provide the encouragement and expertise to guide students in developing the skills and confidence to succeed. Flying trapeze is an exciting and challenging activity.  Part sport and part performance art, it provides opportunities for fun, community, and growth. Happy Flying! (Weight limitations and health restrictions apply.  Please see our FAQ for more information.)

Themed Classes

Retired But Not Tired (21+)

90 min, max 7 ppl, $100 per person

A flying trapeze class geared toward flyers age 50+. Each week we will train flying trapeze, followed by a sipping-and-socializing excursion to a different local happy hour, specially curated by flying coach and cocktail connoisseur, Stuart!


All levels welcome, beginner to advanced.

Date Night (18+)

120 min, max 10 ppl, $100 per person

Join us on the pier at sunset for a perfect date night activity. Bring a date, bring a friend, or just come on your own! A second attendee is not required. Enjoy the flying, the sunset and the vibes!

All levels welcome, beginner to advanced.

Flying Trapeze Sessions

Flying Trapeze Sessions are a great way to level up your flying with 12 weeks of classes in a row with the same cohort of students and instructors. Sessions will culminate in a showcase performance for family and friends!

Interested in sessions but don't see any listed? Sign up for our Newsletter and follow us on socials to be the first to know when the next round of sessions is announced.

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