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Silks & Hammock

75 mins, max 4 ppl, $50 per person


Open to all levels! Students will learn basic climbs, locks, hangs, inversions and wraps tailored to their individual skill and fitness level with an emphasis on safety and proper technique. Students will gain strength and confidence as they learn to safely and beautifully manipulate the fabric to move into a variety of poses.


Lyra (Aerial Hoop)

75 mins, max 4 ppl, $50 per person


Open to all levels! Students will hang, sit, stand, and maneuver into beautiful poses and transitions. Students will discover their centers of gravity in many different positions as they learn how to pose, invert, balance, and drop into thrilling positions, with the added element of spinning. Great for building strength, body control, and flexibility.



75 mins, max 4 ppl, $50 per person


Open to all levels!  Straps are two long thin pieces of cotton or nylon web, often with loops at the bottom, suspended from a single point. Students wrap your arms or wrists in the strap, and lift up into beautiful poses and wraps. Traditionally very similar to the rings in men's gymnastics, aerial straps are a great way to showcase and build strength.


Static Trapeze

75 mins, max 4 ppl, $50 per person


Open to all levels!  The Static Trapeze is a stationary bar used for a variety of seated, standing, balancing and hanging poses, and transitions. The static trapeze has little swing to it, so the student uses their own body to create momentum for more dynamic skills. Students build strength and flexibility with each session through fun and challenging movements on the bar.


Learn to Catch

75 mins, max 4 ppl, $50 per person


Intermediate flyers can take Catch Lock classes and work on building up the strength and timing required to execute a swinging catch lock. Students who have achieved an out of lines swing on the flying trapeze  and have developed a clean swinging catch lock (as determined by senior instructors) may be invited to swing in the high catch trap, and even catch a flyer.


Strength & Conditioning

Looking to level up your circus training? Take class with certified physical therapist Paul Ochoa to learn how to put together a training program that fits your body and works towards your specific goals. Strength & Conditioning classes will help you improve not just your strength, but also your mobility and flexibility. It's the perfect way to build your circus practice outside of classes so that you can progress faster and fly higher!

Open Gym & ASTs

Open Gym


Train together with your friends and classmates! This supervised open workout allows you to practice skills and tricks, or work on choreography independently. An aerial coach will be present for safety purposes, but there will not be any coaching or spotting. Each open gym session is one hour long, with one aerial point and up to 4 people per session. Ages 16+

To receive approval to attend, check in with your Circus Academy aerial coach or email with videos or links to social media demonstrating your strength and aerial awareness.

Open Gym Rules

  • Students may not coach or spot each other

  • ​Playing with shapes is encouraged, but entirely new skills or drops from YouTube, Instagram, etc, should only be explored during class with an instructor

Advanced Skills Training (AST)


Train your chosen apparatus on your own! If you're at a place in your aerials journey where you're able to safely train skills on your own, our aerial points are available to be booked for your training. 

Please note that no coaches will be present (though there will always be staff in the space). 

AST Rules

  • Students may not coach or spot each other

  • Prior approval must be received from our aerial coaches before booking an AST

  • Personal equipment is preferred, but we have some apparatuses available

  • ASTs can only be booked when there is staff in the space and the point is not being used for an aerial class. Please reach out to the office to book an aerial point, and reach out to our Aerial Program Coordinator if you have not already been approved.



Please send questions to

Aerial Sampler Series

Want to try aerials but not sure where to begin? Simply interested in exploring other apparatuses? Whether you’re a complete beginner to aerials or have already been on an apparatus or two; this workshop is the perfect place for you.

This 90-minute session consists of a ground warm up, followed by introductions to silks, straps, lyra (hoop), and static trapeze. You will learn basic skills, poses, and tricks on these 4 apparatuses. No experience necessary — our instructors will adapt to your goals and needs.

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